AIDS is one of the most terrible illnesses ever to exist

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Aids is one of the most terrible illnesses ever to exist. At the most basic of its forms it is a virus that merely shuts down the immune system, but the implications are terrifying. The host wastes away after being hit with the simplest o colds, a terrible fate to them and their loved ones.

Know also as HIV, aids is a virus, that is sort of a biological code. A virus attacks and reprograms healthy cells to act in abnormal ways or not to function at all. In this case HIV is quite tricky. Where most viruses take a time to develop, aids simply mutates so quickly that it is almost impossible to create a vaccine.

There is hope yet. What you need to know is that HIV is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and because of that the only way to get it is if  you:

  1. Were bitten by someone
  2. Had contact on open wounds with infected feces(this can also mean stand on unclean toilets-a sure way to get many health issues)
  3. Or have unprotected sex

The last part is important. It is why condoms are so important. There has been a rise in the rate of people that willingly give others STDs, so always check the condom before and try to stay away from unknown partners.

And even so, there are dubious parts of the internet where men develop new methods, such as stealth, where they will mid coitus take off the condom.

But if the unthinkable does happen, do not despair. Quickly go to the hospital. They can offer you a “disease cocktail”, PEP-Post-Exposure Prophylaxis,that doctors in infection wards sometimes take, that works quite effectively with some side effects if taken in under 72 hours, but  not 100%. and not all hospitals might offer it and guidelines may differ depending of place.

And naturally we cannot talk about it without the past of the illness.

HIV has a terrible reputation due to its ties with the LGBTQIA+ community, especially gay men. This past has made research for it sparse and difficult. There are many theories in regards to it, and some conspiracy theories.

The reality is that in the late 80’s and 90’s it was an epidemic, that decimated lives. From unknown youngsters to rock stars such as Freddie Mercury.

Nowadays modern medicine is on the brick of discovering, already able to stop aids in its primary stages.

That still means we need to keep fighting. Learn and educate ourselves on it. Bring those suffering in the fore front and give them a voice.

There are myths such as one can get HIV from an infected person trough mere contact. False and there are others unfounded rumors that need be dispelled.

They can now live better lives and we have managed to stall the epidemic. But we need to keep working, to not just stall an epidemic but end it.

Hopefully this will at least shed some light on a devastating world wide problem.


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