MiniMUN 2017

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The first day of the MiniMUN conference started with the delegates getting to know each other by participating in a mock session on the topic of “who should pay on the first date” in order to lighten the mood. Once the time has come for the first committee session to start, the delegates adopted a […]


International Anti-Corruption Day

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It is very hard to talk about corruption, because its implications are felt in every aspect of our lives. And no matter how objective I try to be, those feelings cannot be separated and perhaps should not be separated. They can be used to underline the reason why corruption is such a terrible and negative […]

The Plight of the Rohingya 1

The Plight of the Rohingya

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The Rohingya are a Muslim-majority ethnic group located in a region of Myanmar called Rakhine State, where they have been living for centuries. Until recently, it was estimated that about 1.1 million Rohingya resided in the Buddhist-majority country. But, only in the last few months, about 624,000 of them have crossed the border into neighbouring […]


Why climate change became one of the most important issues for women in developing countries

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Without a doubt, climate change has obvious, intricate effects on people around the world. But some are more affected than others, and there is no better example than a comparison between an industrialized nation and a developing one. And while we make this comparison, it’s important to mention that we are not talking about a […]


Why is tolerance a key component of our world in the 21st century?

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To fully grasp the importance of tolerance as a fundamental duty, we must dive further into its historic background.  International Day for Tolerance is celebrated annually on November 16, marking the 1995 adoption of the Declaration of Principles on Tolerance by UNESCO Member States that among other things, affirmed that tolerance is neither an indulgence […]


Modern epidemics-Diabetes

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Diabetes is a terrible disease that threatens the life of millions world wide. It is difficult to deal with both for the patient and the family. But hopefully shedding some knowledge upon it will make it more understandable. Diabetes is a chronic disease, which means that sadly it can never be healed. But, hopefully it […]


The effects of the anti-socialist protests in Venezuela

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After 100 days of ceaseless protests regarding the socialist government of Nicolás Maduro, the President of Venezuela and successor of Hugo Chavez, there were exactly 91 deaths, over 1.500 people were injured and hundreds arrested until the 10th of July 2017. “Venezuela faces significant instability in the coming year; continued political uncertainty; and a worsening economic […]