International Anti-Corruption Day

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It is very hard to talk about corruption, because its implications are felt in every aspect of our lives. And no matter how objective I try to be, those feelings cannot be separated and perhaps should not be separated. They can be used to underline the reason why corruption is such a terrible and negative thing, that hurts so many.


Corruption is abuse of power. When powerful people sitting in positon of control decide to act selfishly for their own gains, and so break the law and the general population’s trust. It can be anything from helping someone get a job, pass a law, launder money etc.


And of course it can be in the private sector, it can be done be big companies, and small, but mostly it is political. Leaders that should work for the betterment of their nation break their promises and selfishly hurt the nation.

They steal, or make bad economic deals that hurt the country in various way, or put incompetent people in big positions.


And the results are much more terrifying and have a greater reach than one can imagine. First, it creates bad leader that do not think of their citizens. They do thing to further their goals, sometimes barely spend some time comfortably sitting in prison and get out in minimal time, and then disappear from the public eye and appear later on to restart the system.

This creates a bad government based of interconnectivity that consists of  close relations to the people in charge, despite them often not having qualifications. That in turn makes things harder to run because along the corruption, the system cannot function because it is badly constructed by inexperienced folks.

Economically, the politicians will try to steal from the wealth of the nation, literally. Like I said before they can also lose money by closing bad contracts and  finally, but not  least, deter future possible investors. Along that, the funds are badly managed in high profile and expensive ones such as  dams, power plants, pipelines and refineries, and not socially needed ones like schools, hospitals and roads.

The worst thing though is alienating the people from politics. Corruption makes them ready to give up, and less likely to educate themselves on the matters that are of interest to them.


The road out of corruption is difficult and may even look impossible. It would mean generations and generations of educated individuals willing to put their feet down to learn and act.

What is needed is transparency, a way for the public to be aware an of their government’s actions and keep it accountable. Everyone should demand it. We also need to put effort and be interested in those news.

It is not enough to protest if nobody takes us serious and nothing is changed, but we also cannot turn into angry mobs.

For the states in bad situations they need ask help from the outside and take it.


As for the ones in better positions, even if not great, they must not ignore the plight of the others. But the simplest answer would  be an educated population, and that is a hard  thing to get. Corruption often becomes a way of life, a vicious cycle you can escape only with great difficulty.

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