MiniMUN 2017

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The first day of the MiniMUN conference started with the delegates getting to know each other by participating in a mock session on the topic of “who should pay on the first date” in order to lighten the mood.
Once the time has come for the first committee session to start, the delegates adopted a more serious attitude and began stating their countries’ position by delivering speeches on the general topic of “The Reproductive Rights of Women”.
Soon after, the first motion for a moderated caucus was proposed by the delegate of the United States of America on the topic abortion. Later on, the board recommended the important topic of sexual education, which after being voted upon, has passed and immediately started being debated.

In the next hours, various moderated caucuses followed, with subjects such as “Contraceptive Rights” and “Concrete solutions”, all in order to get a better understanding of the main topic and come up with a resolution for the issue at hand.
At the end of the day, the delegates split into two alliances based on what solutions fit best their country’s policy and started vigorously writing theie working papers. The main submitters were the Russian Federation, respectively Poland.
During the second day, the working papers were sent to and approved by the Secretariat, followed by debates on the two resolutions. After many amendments and speeches in favour of or against the resolution, the much awaited result of all the delegates’ hard work was the resolution of the Russian Federation having passed and , in the end, being presented in the General Assembly.
The SOCHUM committee delegates have approached all of the debates with utmost attention and interest, continuously debating with fierce convictions and have successfully carried through the two days of the conference.


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