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Diabetes is a terrible disease that threatens the life of millions world wide. It is difficult to deal with both for the patient and the family. But hopefully shedding some knowledge upon it will make it more understandable.
Diabetes is a chronic disease, which means that sadly it can never be healed. But, hopefully it can be managed with more or less difficulty. The cause of it is mainly due to either insulin deficiency or the inability of the body to properly process insulin.
How it works is like this. All aliments are made out of lipids, proteins and carbohydrates along vitamins and a couple other things. Lipids, proteins and carbohydrates are further broken down into glucose, the preferred form of energy for the body that is absorbed by cells where it is used as fuel.
But without insulin, this process cannot happen, and the glucose remains in the blood where it can lead to hyperglycemia, that is a serious medical condition with unfortunate side-effects on the body.

There are different types of diabetes.
o Type one is an autoimmune disease, where the body does not produce insulin and cells in your pancreas are destroyed. More common in children it can set off in any stage of life. People with this type of diabetes are dependent on insulin to stay alive
o Type two diabetes is when the body doesn’t produce insulin and/or doesn’t use it well. More likely to set later in life, after 40, in overweight people, with sedentary lives and bad diets, it is the more common type of diabetes, around 90%.
o Both types have various grades of seriousness. But another one is gestational diabetes. It develops during pregnancy and need to be managed for the mother and baby’s health. A rare disease, one in every twenty-five mothers has a chance to develop it.
Diabetes can lead to a number of health problems such as:
• heart disease
• stroke
• kidney disease
• eye problems
• dental disease
• nerve damage
• foot problems

And while diabetes is a life-long issue it is an issue that especially in modern times can be managed. A healthy diet and physical exercise betters the situation. But the sad truth is that in our world, diabetes has become a prevalent situations that threatens public health.
The worst is in America, were almost ten percent of the population suffers from it. The healthcare cost of these people is doubled, as diabetes is an expensive illness.
The facts do not look good, Europe having the largest population of type 1 diabetes.
More so, in underdeveloped places, almost a quarter of cases go undiagnosed.
Worldwide diabetes is responsible of almost 5 million deaths. And with the case number predicted to grow exponentially by 2040 we need to take action to protect our parents, children and ourselves.
The truth is most affected are the lower and lower-middle class population. Type two diabetes especially can be prevented if caught in time.
Education in nutrition and lifestyle is imperative. But there are larger issues like ensuring proper food nearby (America especially deals with “food deserts”, places where there are no more shops, and poor people can only afford to eat at fast food), and having places like schools offer free courts for physical activity.
While not a death sentence, the situation is made all worse knowing that diabetes can be prevented. It is one the most costly sides of the health care system, that only in America takes up to 100 billion dollars, not counting pre-diabetes treatment.
There are many things that can be done. Together we can work to eradicate or at  least lower the rates of this disease.

For more general and some detailed information on diabetes:

On food deserts:https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2722409/

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