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One of the most important values of the UN Youth Association of Romania is defending human rights. Human rights are essential for building a civilized and balanced society, composed of rational human beings.  As an important part of the society, youth plays a key role in this process. Therefore, UN Youth Association of Romania, Bucharest Branch, aims to promote these fundamental values of the UN amongst students through a different project: Debate Academy – Defending Human Rights.

Debate Academy – Defending Human Rights, currently at its first edition, represents a both competitive and educational event, addressed to students. The competition will take place in Bucharest, at National School of Political Science and Public Administration between the 13th and 14th of May 2017. Designed as a debate competition, the project emphasizes the importance of human rights – which is the main topic of this year’s edition. What differentiates this project from a simple debate competition is its workshop sessions facilitated by experts in the field of human rights. Through the workshops, the participants will enrich their knowledge on this theme. Even though the project represents the initiative of the UN Youth Association of Romania, Bucharest Branch, the project could not have been implemented without the help of our main partner: ARDOR – Romanian Association of Debate, Oratory and Rhetoric, which will provide the academic quality of the debates.

The competition aims to gather 16 teams composed of two members each, who will debate in the style of British Parliament format for 4 impromptu rounds.  The educational part consists of a workshop facilitated by specialists in the field of human rights, who will contribute to the comprehending of specific aspects of the general theme. The invited speakers are important figures in advocacy for human rights in Romania and they will complete the experience of the debaters in this domain.

This event does not only improve the participants’ abilities in argumentation, critical thinking and public speaking, but it will also contribute to raise awareness about human rights and the importance of defending them.

Registration process is open until the 5th of May 2017, and it can be done by filling this form:

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