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UN Youth Summer School on Diplomacy

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The UN Youth Summer School on Diplomacy is an educational programme that provides a unique space for learning and networking for students from Romania and their peers from all around the world. Here, distinguished speakers will contribute through diverse perspectives and experiences towards a better understanding of the topics covered, encouraging new thinking and inspiring debates.

This year’s Summer School on Diplomacy will take place between the 25th and 31st of July 2016 in Bucharest, Romania, with the general theme One World, One Market: Bridging the Gap Between the EU and the USA. The project aims to deepen and consolidate knowledge on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), on the EU-US relations, on economic diplomacy and the art of negotiation.

The programme will comprise lectures, debates and workshops that will discuss the various economic, political, social and cultural challenges posed by this complex treaty between two of the greatest financial powers in the world: the EU and the USA.

The curriculum addresses general issues and theoretical aspects of International Relations, International Law, Diplomacy and Economics in an effort to offer a comprehensive and balanced analysis on the Transatlantic Partnership. It will also address topics such as the possibility of building an universal  market by merging the three T’s: TTIP, TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and the TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement), about the challenges that the TTIP faces, especially regarding transparency or about the possibility of China joining the universal economical market, either through TTIP or through TPP.

In previous editions, in addition to experts and intellectuals, we have enjoyed the presence of Ambassadors, diplomats, academics, businessmen and many respected professionals. Aside from the educational programme, participants will take part in a variety of social activities, which guarantee a complete Summer School experience by combining our high academic standards with fun, beautiful memories and socialization.

The Summer School’s target group is comprised of students currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD programme, recent graduates and young professionals with relevant experience and proven interest in the fields of International Relations, International Law, Political Science or Diplomacy. 

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