Human rights are the bare minimum everybody deserves

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The history of human rights is a story of continuous work and ethical dilemmas that ultimately strive to create the for each human to have fair chances and opportunities to be their best.

Human rights are a necessity, but also a dilemma. They result in laws that protect those unable to protect themselves, like children, minorities and the elderly. And in deed they are sometimes vague, like the right to privacy. They say nobody can open your letter or come in your home or bother you-without good reason. And that little amendment at the end changes everything, as it creates a debate. The police can enter your home for investigation; but what if your dog runs into your neighbors’ garden- can you go then on their property?

So, the human rights make governments have laws that protect them. And the United Nations is also a huge legislative body that oversees their members keep them and respect the rights of their citizens.

Almost at every second worldwide discussions and decisions are made that shape the world and how we deal with human rights violations. Countries pass or abolish laws, some that have indirect results but none the less important.

And almost every human on this earth agrees these rights and keeping them is imperious for the wellbeing of our communities. Because we learnt from history and because we see ourselves in each other and so our empathy tells us not to hurt our brethren. And among all the other is the promise of a safer world for our families, our children.

So we fear and are disgusted when our hands are sometimes tied, by money, time, nature or corruption. We recognize corruption and injustice when we fail to protect something. Like, for example the recent selling of African immigrants in Libya. There are many reasons why that probably makes you uncomfortable. This is the modern era, things like this should not be happening. For a lot of people, it is also a terrifying reminder of an unfortunate past, sometimes too recent, or of a too unkind fate.

The truth is our dream utopia will never come true. We will always make allowances out of obligations. We cannot and should not think of ourselves as paragons of ethics.

There are others things that we can do; we must always be vigilant and educated. As difficult as it may be, we must stay aware of our society. We should not expect our institutions to care for everything, we must demand, be angry and scream in the dace of inequality. We must not allow any of our fellow humans suffer. We will never be free until the last of us no longer suffers, even if that means we must always keep changing, bettering ourselves.

And we do this as individuals, by questioning ourselves and doing everything in our power to respect the world around us. And secondly, as communities, working together, and by creating big social changes, and not waiting eons for godsend revelations.

And though our work may never be over, that does not make it a fool’s errand. For the prospect of our loved ones, we should try to make the best we can, so they have but improvements to make, or at least a little left. Of course it is not simple, to reach such a large demographic, to implement and keep the changes or even decide what to change.

But the human rights are the bare minimum everybody deserves.

Today, the latest news were brought to you by Adria Cioablă, PR Specialist,
member of the UN Youth Association of Romania’s Bucharest Branch.


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