Why is tolerance a key component of our world in the 21st century?

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To fully grasp the importance of tolerance as a fundamental duty, we must dive further into its historic background.  International Day for Tolerance is celebrated annually on November 16, marking the 1995 adoption of the Declaration of Principles on Tolerance by UNESCO Member States that among other things, affirmed that tolerance is neither an indulgence nor indifference, and that it is respect and appreciation of the rich variety of our world’s cultures, forms of expression and ways of being human.

Undoubtedly, given the constant state of distress all over the Globe, we should be aware of the impact it has, firstly on the world, then on us as its inhabitants. All kinds of conflicts arise somewhere on Earth every single day.  That does nothing but prove the fact that there is something wrong on with society, regardless of the geographical coordinates on the Globe.

A strong civilization is built on mutual respect,  mutual aid and compassion towards its members.  It does not know values such as individualism and selfishness. Each country has its way of functioning as a distinct unit.  However, what brings nations together is the essence of variety amongst cultures. No state is like the other, as each state is gifted with norms and customs which construct their identity.


As a “global village”, we should be able to promote the things which set us apart and embrace them without fear.  Fear breeds isolation and isolation leads to division.  Division dismantles every single step we have taken towards progress, endangering the very core of human existence. Wars and crimes committed by terrorists “in the name of a greater good” damage the homogeneity of the world as we know it today.   Another  relevant example is religious persecution. In the Middle East, a region known for its radical spiritual beliefs, Islam is thought of as law. Those who do not abide by its sanctity are severely punished and abashed in public.

By using our voices to speak up for inclusion, tolerance and acceptance of one another, we commit to the continuous combat against discrimination in all of its forms, such as xenophobia, racism, anti-semitism.  The only way to eradicate these modern-day atrocities is through the absorption and assimilation of different values. What this does is it shatters a barrier between communities world-wide, which allows us to bond, based on the same ideal: peaceful coexistence. UN continues to perpetuate this concept by educating and informing the masses through its campaign “TOGETHER”. This campaign strives to  protect refugees and migrants from any forms of discrimination and abuse.   Our differences bring us closer together. We are all equal individuals, so we stand united.


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